Pastor Jeremy Wanton was born December 28th, 1989 to Ryton and Tammie Wanton. He accepted his call to ministry at the tender age of ten and preached his initial sermon “I Need the Light” Psalm 18:28. Reverend Wanton graduated from Twinsburg High School in May of 2008. Later that year he was ordained by his Pastor Reginald D. Willis at his home church Philemon Community Baptist Church of Cleveland, Ohio. In 2013 Reverend Wanton graduated from Cleveland State University with a degree concentrated in Business Administration. September 8th, 2017, he graduated with a degree in Funeral Service Arts and Sciences from Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science and will complete a degree in Science of Pathology from Point Park University May of 2021. While harmonizing with responsibilities of family, ministry and school Reverend Wanton is also a 2nd generation funeral director at his family business, the Wanton-Horne Chapel of Peace Funeral Home and the CEO of Ground Zero Development Company. Throughout his ministry Pastor Wanton has been very instrumental in bringing young preachers together from across the country to form a bond and brotherhood that serves as a gated fraternity to withstand the rugged journey of ministry. He is also a passionate member of NAACP Cleveland Chapter and apart of The Faith Movement; faith leaders believing for and building a better quality of life for communities in need. Reverend Wanton sits on the advisory board for John Addams High School in Cleveland, Ohio and is on The Faith in Action Steering Committee for the United Church of Christ Living Water Association. Amongst all, Rev. Wanton is a lover of God’s word and plans to continue his education, one day earning a PhD in African American Studies. His desire is that you continue to pray for him as he progresses to complete the work assigned to his life and make Jesus famous and tangible to the world.